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The original Buienradar - The starting point


Style explorations through style tiles



Visual design and illustration concept

Buienradar contacted us for the re-design of the website. Most used weather site in the Netherlands. Once started on an attic with the purpose to predict rainfall to a precise level of accuracy. Now in the hands of RTL they wanted to modernise the platform to better suit the needs of new visitors and advertisers alike. 

A pretty big challenge because of the legacy they carried with them and the loyal Buienradar users who we didn't want to put off by the re-design.

My colleague Sophie Kommer took care of the intricate interaction design and usability testing, while I went to work on fine tuning the brand and creating an atomic design system and responsive layouts. Striking the right balance between recognisability and a fresh design was quite a challenge. Don't want to go too far so to loose returning visitors, didn't wat to make it look like the same old site either. 'Some' stakeholder management was needed as you can probably imagine.

In the end we came a result both old and new visitors could be happy about and found easier to navigate. Not to mention that it was now fully responsive and working on all the different viewports.

All's well that ends well...


The new Buienradar design

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