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Funda redesign

Visual design and illustration concept

At UNITiD we were already working with Funda to help them with the huge re-design they were working on. We had designers in every agile product or focus team. Together we were designing and building all the building blocks to create a great, responsive real estate experience for users.

The thing that was missing was a proper homepage. Somewhere to welcome, inspire and guide future home buyers. Up to this moment, funda was mostly a functional real estate search engine. 

I got the chance to take a critical look at the the homepage together with marketing and the Funda's ux lead. 

Make Funda stand out, inspire and become a personal experience was what we were aiming for. Illustrations in stead of photography to really make a personal impact for future house buyers. Curated collections of houses to show the diversity and inspire people to look differently at their budget. And finally give people information on the process of buying a house. 

Most proud of?
The fact that I could get a big brand like Funda sold on illustrations to really tailor their look and take a different route then the competition and create a truly unique personality.

Eventually, sold on the concept, we teamed up with the guys @ Patswerk to create the final Illustrations and continue to expand the landscape of great houses and neighborhoods.

"Miguel took the lead in bringing funda's brand into the product experience to the next level.

He inspires through great storytelling and showing quick examples of what that might look like in the real world. He didn't just deliver a new set of illustrations -- he delivered a new way of expressing the brand's values. It allowed us to unleash the fun of house hunting and make it part of who we are."

- Jeroen Mulder, UX Lead Funda

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