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Design sprint & iteration sprints

We all know Volkswagen, iconic cars for everyone. PON (VAG group wholeseller 
for the netherlands) Asked us to take a critical look at their entire customer journey.  From the early stages of orientation, to test driving a car, all the way up to the stages of receiving an offer. 

We mapped the pain points (or opportunities) to projects and the main focus was on how to improve the orientation phase and the handoff to the dealer. For this we facilitated a design sprint, to really understand the issues and come up with solutions. Within 5 days we had a pretty clear understanding of what needed to happen to create happier flows.

After the design sprint we had an elaborate Sprint 0, to create all the guidelines, visual direction (and whitelabeling) and needed assets and handover process to development. 

The design obviously put the end user first. Favouring service and guidance over marketing communications. If you are looking for service for your Volkswagen Up, you couldn't care less if there is a new Volkswagen Touareg on the horizon...

The end result is a balanced mix between 'New Volkswagen feel' and clear functionality. Inspiring where you can use it, informing and helping when you need it.

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